‘What Bird Is That?’ is a fine book. I have used it to admire quality renditions of some beautiful Australian birds. It’s a big, fat, heavy book too. The plates are nice and big. Like an HD book.

The Search For Known Things continues. With or without the journaling business of the blog. But it comes free with Windows, they’ve hooked up a pretty editor, and I can do this–

Using tables, I can get around the problem of big empty areas around images, and add meaningful captions which are aligned nicely with the image.
The are people who don’t like tables.

–with the greatest of ease. By “this” I mean paste in a screenshot. That is actually meaningful, because it allows for detailed how-to type situations, like:

  1. Click the Windows lolly:
  2. Click ‘VLC media player’

    (whoops how do I get snipping tool to capture an open start menu I wonder…)

  3. Listen to some tunes.


So I have added to my collection of Known Things this evening, with the help of this blogging tool. I know now that I don’t really need OpenOffice and pdf publishing for future how-to thingies and usage whatsits.

If I have the wherewithal, I may continue to post my learnings to this blog, especially since it can do this:


    public void CanProduceObjectLiteral()


      var objectLiteral = new { a_property = "A_PROPERTY", b_property = 120505.2 };


      Assert.AreEqual("A_PROPERTY", objectLiteral.a_property);

      Assert.AreEqual(120505.2, objectLiteral.b_property);


But in order to get that to work I had to paste it into ms-word and then re-copy and re-paste into Windows Live Writer.

Oh and suddenly my font has changed.

Whaddya know?

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